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Contacting the Trust

Trust Manager

The Trust is run by community volunteers assisted by a part-time Trust manager, Toby Jones. As Trust manager, Jones is your first point of contact for the Trust.

If you have any queries please don't hesitate to contact him and he'll be happy to help.

Trust Secretary

Toby is assisted by Jo Wilson, Trust Secretary, who is now an invaluable member of the support team. Her genuine interest in conservation is reflected in the generous giving of her time in this practical way.

If you have a project you would like the Trust to consider or if you would like any other information please send letters of interest to:

Trust Manager
Fiordland Conservation Trust
112 Town Centre
Te Anau 9600
New Zealand

Via email you can contact the Trust at:


To donate to the Fiordland Conservation Trust please read the Donations page. You may also download our brochure which has additional information and a donation form. Collection boxes can be found through the Fiordland Region for cash donations. Alternatively you can email us at:

Trust newsletter - Jigsaw

The Fiordland Conservation Trust newsletter Jigsawis published 3 times a year, sent free of charge to subscribers by email and posted on the website. The editor welcomes any subscription requests, enquiries, suggestions and/or feedback. Contact Jigsaw's editor at:

Kids Restore the Kepler Education Co-ordinator

We have appointed Dr. Alessandra Menegatti as the Kids Restore the Kepler Educator Co-Ordinator for 2015 to facilitate the involvement of Fiordland's 450 kids in our largest project, restoring the Kepler peninsula.  The Education Co-Ordinator's email is:
Check out the kids' website: