Current, active projects

The long-term projects 

Introduced below, each with links to their own page, are the current, active projects managed by the Fiordland Conservation Trust. These projects require long-term commitment and usually more than one funding source: e.g.

the Sinbad Sanctuary Project has an annual commitment from Southern Discoveries and is in its 6th year;

the Kepler Backyard Birdsong Project involves:
1. Kids Restore New Zealand of the Air NZ Environmental Trust and the Community Trust of Southland as the main sources of funding for Stage 1, Kids Restore the Kepler
2. Distinction Hotels have funded research to locate bat roost sites and are now also a sponsor of the Kids Restore the Kepler project; 
3. the Kepler Challenge Committee is continuing to fund the trap line that encircles the Kepler Track;
4. Community groups are now responsible for checking almost half of the traps. There is potential for sponsors and more community groups to adopt traps and/or trap lines.

Sinbad Sanctuary in Milford Sound/Piopiotahi
sponsored by Southern Discoveries

The demigod Tu-te-Rakiwhanoa was well practised in wielding his axe by the time he carved Piopiotahi/Milford Sound in Fiordland's north.  The iconic Mitre Peak, the high vertical walls and the glacial cirque at the head of Sinbad Gully, together form a tough physical barrier for predators on the move.  Read more...

Kids Restore the Kepler

Distinction Hotels - sponsored by Air NZ Environment Trust's Kids Restore NZ, the Community Trust of Southland and Distinction Hotels

There are over 450 kids attending schools in Fiordland. That's a lot of capacity, strength and young imaginations to restore birdsong in the Kepler mountains. The goals - connection, knowledge and skills acquisition, restoration, reflection.  Read more...

Indian Island/Mamaku, an offshore island in Dusky Sound/Tamatea
- sponsored by Fiordland Ecology Holidays, their network and others

The Indian Island project is very special to the Fiordland Conservation Trust. It is the first island pest eradication we have undertaken, the aim being to restore it to a state similar to how Captain Cook in 1773 and the Maori before him first encountered it.  Read more...

Milford/Piopiotahi Trapping Network
- adopted by Trips & Tramps

The aim of the trapping project is to control introduced animal pests in the Milford village area and in 40ha of coastal forest covering the old Cleddau River delta at Milford Sound/Piopiotahi. Our newest partners, Trips & Tramps, will be undertaking the trap line management of up to 140 traps on a volunteer basis. Read more...

Little spotted kiwi/apteryx owenii moving to Anchor island

 - sponsored by Fiordland Lobster Company

Once again the Fiordland Lobster Company is lending a helping hand to the most iconic of our endangered native birds, the kiwi. This time it's the little spotted kiwi, apteryx owenii, the most vulnerable of our national bird to introduced predators. Read more...

West Arm Lake Manapouri to Deep Cove Predator Control

This project aims to restore and protect threatened native species and restore bird-song to the area including kiwi, kaka, kea, weka, whio, mohua, long-tailed bats and mistletoe. Since trapping began, locals and tourists have commented favourably on the increase in sightings of these species, birdsong and restoration of the native forest. Trapping in this area also helps to protect the predator free islands in Dusky Sound by preventing them from getting on board vessels in Deep Cove. Read more...

Tarawera Chimney Heritage Restoration

This is the first conservation heritage project for the Trust. The Tarawera Silver Mine and Smelter is located in Isthmus Sound in Preservation Inlet, Dusky Sound and was one of many failed ore extraction ventures in the Preservation area. Read more...

An overview

Current projects around the Fiordland area.

Map of Trust projects around fiordland