Fiordland Conservation Trust projects

The locations of the conservation projects

Map of Trust projects around fiordland

Selection, funding and management of the projects

How are projects selected?

The Trustees identify conservation projects that need to be undertaken. The big picture, the aims, the viability and the likelihood of success of the project, the costs, the professional expertise needed and the logistics are all considered, with technical assistance often being sought from the Department of Conservation.

Who funds the projects?

Existing and/or new clients are approached with full costing information provided by the Trust. If you become the sponsor of a project, it's a real highlight if you can at some stage visit the area of your project, becoming physically involved, helping out with some of the ground work.

How are the projects managed?

A management relationship with the Trust is established through a memorandum of understanding, including with those who are to do the work on the project.

Operational plans and annual reports become a core part of the planning, monitoring, analysing, assessing and reporting of a project to the clients.

There are two kinds of projects:

  • ongoing, currently active projects which require long-term commitment and often more than one sponsor or funding source and
  • one-off projects that are possible because of the long-term projects undertaken by the Trust or because of the conservation work being done as part of the Department of Conservation's core work.