We are about conservation

Vision Statement

To be an independent Trust inspiring the community to protect the special values in Fiordland and the wider Southland region.

Mission Statement

To enhance the protection of natural flora and fauna within Fiordland and the wider Southland region through:

  • identification of worthwhile conservation projects that might otherwise lack funding
  • provision of a professional and accountable service to clients, matching their desire to support conservation with appropriate project opportunities
  • funding of general conservation, research and education projects
  • encouragement of our young people to get involved in conservation
  • promotion of conservation successes within the region.

The need for a Trust

The Trust has been established to enable donations from individuals or businesses to go towards specific conservation projects. The Trust provides a mechanism to undertake projects throughout Fiordland and Southland that would not be able to be achieved without philanthropic support.

The Trust operates at ‘arms length’ from any government organization, but will use expertise from such organizations when appropriate.  Specifically, the Southland Conservancy is extremely supportive of the Trust and is assisting the Trust on a regular basis. Barry Hanson, former Southland Conservator states “Fiordland is unique in that it has a relatively intact and incredibly valuable natural landscape.  Due to the size and scale of Fiordland, the conservation gains to be made are often of national or international significance and are recognised as such... there are a large number of highly valuable projects which could still be initiated should funds become available”.

The Trust is a registered charity

Being a registered charitable trust with ‘donee’ status makes any donations from individuals and businesses tax deductible.
(Read this PDF on tax deductible donations for more information.)

Accountability of the Trust

Other professional bodies involved

Crowe Horwath

The Fiordland Conservation Trust is supported by Crowe Horwath accounting services which helps us to provide a very transparent and productive avenue for philanthropic funding of conservation projects.

AWS Legal Services

- provide free legal advice

McIntyre Dick & Partners

- auditors


- photographers such as Rod Morris, Graham Dainty, Barry Harcourt, and others such as Dr James Reardon, Sabine Bernert and Fiordland DOC generously allow us to use their stunning photography on our website and in our newsletters.

Website and communications design

- Tim Mann Design