The Fiordland Conservation Trust

Welcome to the Fiordland Conservation Trust, est. 2007

The Fiordland Conservation Trust is a community-driven initiative supporting conservation projects in Fiordland, Southland and New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands.

26th November 2020 NEWS ANNOUNCEMENT: Dissolution Of The Fiordland Conservation Trust

The Trustees of the Fiordland Conservation Trust have decided to wind up the Trust.

Trust chair, Murray Willans, said "The decision to dissolve the Trust was not made lightly. What it really came down to was an acknowledgement of the impact of covid combined with a longstanding recognition that DOC was covering much of the Trust's work in dealing directly with non-government supporters of conservation."

Murray said the Trust would especially like to thank the many individuals and groups who had made the Trust's work possible since it was founded in 2007. These included the Department of Conservation plus a wide array of corporate partners, philanthropic supporters and private donors, many of them are long-term contributors like the Fiordland Lobster Co. - which has funded a variety of Trust projects - and Southern Discoveries, continuing to fund the Sinbad Sanctuary Project in Milford

Sound, now in its eleventh year. Most recently, the Trust has also been privileged to be supported by the patronship of Fiordland Outdoors Co.

In winding up the Trust, Murray said the organisation was committed to ensuring the Trust's award-winning Kids Restore The Kepler (KRTK) programme - which sees more than 600 students and 100 adults take part in hands-on environmental education activities in the Kepler each year - will be gifted to local participating schools to carry on the good work.

Thanks to a charity auction of Fidelity Life Assurance organised by OneNineFive Limited last month, $12,550 was raised in association with the Trust for KRTK. Meridian's Power Up community fund has also provided an additional $2000 for KRTK through the Trust.

The remaining assets of the Trust will be distributed in accordance with the Trust's Deed as well as the wishes of community partners and project funders as determined by the Trustees over coming weeks.

Finally, for the last time, the Fiordland ConservationTrust would like to say a big THANK YOU to its many supporters!

The conservation jigsaw puzzle

Each project is a jigsaw piece that fits properly into the big picture, a picture that is turning from a flat 2 dimensional postcard picture into a 3D future of sounds, movement, footprints - tieke, mohua, kakaruai, pateke, whio, kakapo, pekapeka-tou-roa, oligosoma pikitanga - just some of the birds, bats and skinks that are no longer a fragment of a guiltily ignorant past but are a vibrant part of a regenerating and sustainable future.

For further information about the Trust and it's role, go to About Us.

A national-class organisation

The Fiordland Conservation Trust is doing some amazing things in the arena of consevation. Be it the nationally reconised Kids Restore the Kepler or securing the future of Sinbad Sanctuary, the Trust is developing strong links between business and the environment.

Working with some fantastic partners

Current Key Partnerships

Although the Trust operates at ‘arms length’ from government organisations, we are pleased that the Southland Conservancy is extremely supportive and assists the Trust on a regular basis.


Current, Active Projects

We are happy to have the support of the following organisations and businesses.


Completed and One-off Projects

Thanks to the great efforts of these businesses, some terrific conservation work has already been completed.