Kids Restore the Kepler update

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January 2013

The pests don't stand a chance on the Kepler Peninsula.  Even during the school holidays, the kids were restoring the Kepler. 
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KRTK kids were doing such things as:

  • putting out seed trays along a trap line so as to monitor seed fall during autumn - an important indicator of likely rodent and mustelid levels in response to potential food supply
  • making real the aims of the restoration project by getting up close and personal with kiwi chicks being transferred from Haast to Centre Island on Lake Te Anau
  • upskilling out in the field to host and educate media, sponsors and celebrities visiting the Kepler Track during February.





Teachers were working as well with Caroline Carter, KRTK education coordinator, on such things as;

  • adopting a trap line
  • integrating the KRTK project into curricula
  • setting up the 'Meet the locals' for the new term
  • planning school camps and field trips focussing on the Kepler environment
  • organising the biggest ever 'play date with nature' to celebrate National Children's Day on March 3. See the 'getting involved' section of
  • setting up the LEARNZ virtual field trip taking place in May. See further down the 'getting involved' page of

It certainly promises to be a really important year for the KRTK Project.