Monitoring report for the Kids Restore the Kepler

Submitted by editor on

January 2014

Some light reading

Thanks to Jo Marsh of Restoration SolutioNZ, a second bird monitoring report for the Kids Restore the Kepler project is now complete. 

This can be compared with the report published in February 2013 and we can begin to track the results of the hard work being done by the kids restoring the Kepler and by all the other volunteers involved in this huge long-term project to bring the birdsong back to the Kepler.

Click here for a link to the Kids Restore the Kepler project page, which now has both reports posted in the right hand column in pdf form.

Jo is particularly adept at writing a readable report.  It is worth taking the time to read the detail and to remember that just as the Kids Restore New Zealand and other sponsors of the project have generously demonstrated with their long-term funding commitments, we all need to be in this for the long haul.