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July 2011

Kids Restore the Kepler set up now fully funded

Kids Restore logo - Kepler birdsong projectCommunnity Trust of Southland logoThanks to the incredible support from Kids Restore NZ (an off shoot of the Air New Zealand Environment Trust) and the Community Trust of Southland, the set up for stage one of the Kepler Backyard Birdsong project is now fully funded.  The total cost of the set-up of $220,000 spread over two years is funded by our naming rights partner Kids Restore NZ to the tune of $150,000 and over $70,000 from the Community Trust of Southland.

We are incredibly grateful to both these Trusts for their significant support of what we see is a tremendous step towards our goal of bringing the birdsong back to the Kepler Peninsular.  We see the goal of a ‘sanctuary’ within walking distance of the Te Anau township being hugely beneficial to our wider local community in many ways, but especially for our local students.  In stage one (Kids Restore the Kepler) of the three stage Kepler Backyard Birdsong project, all three of our local schools, plus our pre-school organisations will be involved to a degree in the project and activities relating to the project.  Fiordland College in particular is heavily involved, including various aspects of the project in to their College curriculum.  No mean feat!  Watch this space for some amazing stories coming out of all our education organisations.

Are you interested in being involved?

With the set up cost now funded, our focus moves to ensuring the on-going costs are covered.  We have support from Kids Restore NZ for $50,000 pa towards the total cost of $90,000 pa.  We have a group of individuals looking to adopt a line which will help reduce this cost further, and the Trust are working with local businesses who may be interested in assisting with support funding.  As groups and organisations become involved, the on-going cost should not look so daunting.

We continue to seek support from individuals, groups or organisations who wish to get involved in this project in any way, big or small.  Whether you would like to adopt a line, a trap, or support one of the schools with their on-going involvement we would be glad of your help.

Thank you again to Kids Restore NZ, Community Trust of Southland, DOC & the local education organisations for supporting this project.  

Rachel Cockburn, Trust Manager, FCT