The winter months 2014

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A focus on funding

The latest edition of Jigsaw, the Trust's newsletter, outlines the focus on funding that has occurred during the winter months of this year. Click here to download the August 2014 edition.

Crucial work has been done in securing ongoing sponsorship, new funding and donations for our long term projects in Milford Sound/Piopiotahi (the Sinbad Sanctuary project), on the Kepler Peninsula (Kids Restore the Kepler project), and in Dusky Sound/Tamatea's island complex (Indian Island/Mamaku restoration) and for our one-off translocations to the southern fiords' pest free islands such as Dusky's Anchor Island/Pukenui).

The Fiordland Conservation Trust is incredibly grateful to the companies, institutions and individuals involved. Add to the monies confirmed the Department of Conservation's technical expertise, and 2015 looks like becoming a very busy and productive year.

Some additional projects being considered by the Trust
  • involvement with restoration of the Tarawera Chimney in Preservation Inlet, the 2MTT Reunion committee having already generously donated $1.600 to the work 
  • upgrading of Doubtful Sound/Patea's West Arm/Wilmot Pass/Deep Cove trapping network, working with the West Arm/Deep Cove Road Users' group. Meridian have contributed $13,000 towards this work this year 
  • translocations of species such as snipe/tutukiwi, saddleback/tieke, tui into the island sanctuaries of Dusky Sound.

As always, we do need more help! We would love you to be involved. 

Click here if you want to help us put the conservation jigsaw pieces into place in this incredibly important part of New Zealand's wild land and seascape.

June 2014

Little spotted kiwi/apteryx owenii - rescheduled again

Foiled again. We may be able to achieve this first transfer of the little spotted kiwi onto Anchor Island sometime during June if the weather cooperates at the right time. If not, it may mean a deferral till next year as the breeding season begins in July and the kiwi need time to settle into a new environment prior to breeding.

May 2014

Little spotted kiwi/apteryx owenii - flight rescheduled

With funding from Fiordland Lobster Company, in a long-term project managed by the Fiordland Conservation Trust, the DOC team are aiming to undertake on Tuesday 3 June, the first of what is to be hoped will be a number of transfers.

May's stormy conditions meant that the first transfer of the little spotted kiwi onto Anchor Island in Dusky Sound had to be rescheduled.

A more promising weather forecast for the first few days of June has us excited - we will let you know how it goes.