Completed and one-off projects

The translocation of native species and other projects:

Successful pest eradication and control leads to the Trust's one-off projects. The majority of such projects have involved the transfer (or translocation) of threatened or at risk native species to predator-free areas or where pests are controlled to low levels.
E.g. Peregrine Wines and Chalky Digits sponsor bird transfers to offshore islands. 

From the most recent  

to the very beginning in 2007:


Kepler Bat Roost survey

- sponsored by Distinction Hotels

(undertaken end of 2011 to beginning 2012)
Native long-tailed and short-tailed bats have been seen in the Kepler, one of only two sites in NZ where both have been found.  Distinction Hotels funded the search for roosting sites so that rat trapping could be focussed on that area.  Read more...

Mohua/yellowhead transfer to Resolution Island
- sponsored by Peregrine Wines

(October 2011)
Sales of Peregrine wine funded the transfer of the first birds to Resolution Island since Richard Henry's work there in the 1890s.  60 of our endangered mohua/yellowhead from the Landsborough near Haast are now flying in freedom on Resolution's 20,860 ha, Fiordland largest island, the island where more than a century ago our conservation history began.  Read more...

Tieke/saddleback transfer to Bauza Island 
- sponsored by Peregrine Wines

(March 2010)
Peregrine's Saddleback wine sales funded the transfer of 36 saddleback/tieke from Breaksea Island to Bauza Island in the entrance to Doubtful Sound, an island isolated from the mainland restricting the number of pests that have invaded its shores.  Read more...

Pateke Transfer Project to the Milford Track's Arthur River Valley
sponsored by Ultimate Hikes and others

The route from the head of Lake Te Anau over the Pass to the Arthur River Valley was first put to human use by Katimamoe, it being one of their greenstone/pounamu trails. European tourists began negotiating the rugged terrain in the 1890s after explorers, prospectors, surveyors and prisoners had all made their mark, creating what became the iconic Milford Track. Pateke/brown teal happily dabbled the waters of the Arthur River Valley.  Read more...

Kakaruai/South Island robin transfer to Chalky Island
- sponsored by Chalky Digits

(March 2010)
Through the sale of its stylish wooden brooches, Chalky Digits Clothing Company funded the transfer of 50 South Island robins/kakaruai from Breaksea and Anchor Islands, reintroducing them onto Chalky Island.  Read more...

Pomona Island, Lake Manapouri trap replacement
- sponsored by the Gary Chisolm Family Trust

(September 2008)
15 volunteers associated with the Pomona Island Charitable Trust spent several days replacing the old-style stoat traps with new stainless steel traps and setting trap lines in place on adjacent mainland areas to help reduce pests on Pomona and Rona islands. From Christchurch, Gary Chisolm and his family, keen to support pest eradication work in Fiordland, saw the project as an opportunity to help fund this community based initiative. Read more...

Tieke/saddleback transfer to Chalky Island
- sponsored by Peregrine Wines

(April 2008)
Chalky Island (511 ha) was the first Fiordland island to be declared free of stoats back in 1999.  A $5000 sponsorship from the sale of Peregrine Wine's Saddleback pinot noir enabled the translocation of 39 of the endangered tieke/saddleback from South Passage and Breaksea Islands to Chalky Island. Read more...

Kakaruai/South Island robin transfer to Secretary Island
- the very first Fiordland Conservation Trust project

(March 2008)
The Trust's first project was in March 2008 transferring 30 kakaruai/South Island robin to Secretary Island, using the technical expertise of the Department of Conservation and funds collected since forming the Trust in late 2007.

This project put in place our first piece in the larger conservation jigsaw puzzle. 


Map of Trust projects around fiordland