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Fiordland Conservation Trust

New Zealand's Sub-Antarctic Islands

Snares N Promonotory

Not Just a Frozen Wasteland

Those who wish to explore New Zealand but want to get off the beaten track chosen by most tourists should seek out the country's Sub-Antarctic Islands. This blog will advise visitors on what to look out for, the best times to visit and how to get there. The remote beauty of these islands makes them an exciting destination to see unique wildlife, with many species not to be found elsewhere, such as the yellow-eyed penguin. This blog will discuss The Snares, Campbell Island, and the Auckland Islands, each with their own fascinating landscapes.

Make Friends with the World's Loneliest Tree

27 Nov 2021

The remote Campbell Island is home to what has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's loneliest tree. The solitary Sitka spruce is around 150 miles away from the nearest tree and thousands of miles away from another member of its own species.

Exploring the Snares Islands

14 Oct 2021

The Snares are a wildlife lovers paradise and home to some unique animals. Find rarely seen birds including the mottled petrel and the broad-billed prion, aquatic species including the New Zealand fur seal, several invertebrates found nowhere else in the world and a broad mixture of unusual plants and herbs.

Seeing the Recovering Southern Right Whales

4 Sep 2021

The Auckland Islands have been home to the rebirth of the southern right whale, a once flourishing species that dropped to a population of less than 100. Now around 2,000 are estimated to be living in the waters of New Zealand, the majority around the coastline of the Auckland Islands.